No unlimited data available for iPhone 3G in Finland


Sonera, the largest telecom operator in Finland, published prices for the upcoming iPhone 3G yesterday (27.6.2008). Unfortunately, they have left out the unlimited data option available with other phones so people are going to end up paying 1,49 € per exceeding MB - that is about 4 € per minute or 251 € per hour at 3G speed.

Nokia + Symbian = Same old?

Symbian Series 60 version 3 on Nokia E90

Nokia today said it would become the sole owner of Symbian, buying out Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung and Panasonic. In reality, Symbian has been very Nokia centric for quite some time already so this move is not surprising.

More surprising is Nokia's intention to make Symbian open source trough the Symbian Foundation. This is clearly a pre-emptive attack on Google's Android project, the open source Linux based operating system for cell phones that will be put to use in the first cell phones later this year.

An important question needs to be answered: is Nokia successful because of Symbian or despite of Symbian?

Symbian has been around since 1998 and is based on Psion's EPOC that was made for PDA's in the late 1980s when processing power and memory were much more limited than today. Much has been done to modernize Symbian but a common complain from software developers is still that Symbian tries to be resource friendly and "light" by putting a lot of burden on the software developer. In contrast, more modern competitors such as Android seem to be much simpler to use for developers and simply designed for the kind of mobile devices we have today. Apple has also created a lot of interest in their iPhone trough a very impressive looking and easy to use software development kit (SDK). Developers are claiming they can make mobile software in weeks for the iPhone that used to take months for other mobile operating systems, ie Symbian.

Outlet hunting

Mobility @ NAB 2008 ?

It is indeed a sorry sight, all those road warriors sitting on the floor in convention centers and at airports in order to be close to one of the few electrical outlets that can be found in such places.

Now The New York Times reports that La Guardia airport in New York has installed "power poles", simply a pole with a number of electrical outlets.

It is a great move by the airport but it is sad that being able to find electrical outlets makes front page news.



My Nokia E90 cell phone works well in almost any corner of the world, including here in the US. Still, I can not allow it to connect to the network because as soon as I do, the GPRS data connection icon pops up. I don't know which application causes the connection to be made, it might be several, but with data transfer prices ridiculously high while using a foreign network, there is no way I can keep the phone connected and allow the phone to transfer data at will.