Finding a good hosting company

Photo of networking equiptment

I have been using Drupal professionally for over 10 years and ever since the beginning, I wanted a private Drupal site where I could test things in a relaxed production environment - this site.

I also needed a good hosting company: affordable and with ssh access, php and so on. At the time I chose A2 hosting and I got my site up and running.

Pebble Time


Pebble Time arrived today, over two years after I got the original Pebble watch. During this time the software for the original Pebble matured significantly. With the new Pebble Time, the company behind the watch introduced a new "timeline" concept that is very intuitive. They also focused more on the essential services such as the watchfaces and notifications - paying less attention to apps. Experience with the previous model has shown that people don't run a large number of different apps on their watches.

Rikomagic MK902II


I have been very happy with my Rikomagic MK902 - so happy in fact that I immediately ordered the improved "Mark II" model once it became available. Today I got it and it is living up to my expectations.



I am probably the last kid on the block to get 4G/LTE but the speed still impresses me. Even with a not so good 3 out of 5 bars connection I get speeds way beyond "full rate ADSL" (8 Mbps downstream, 1 Mpbs upstream) and that was an impressive wired connection not that long ago. And I get it wirelessly. On a cell phone network. At a reasonable price.