Eye-Fi cards' write speed comparison

Eye-Fi cards write speed comparison

I have never paid much attention to SD cards' write speeds as they have always been fast enough for me. Today, however, I tried recording HD video with my new Canon S100 and my old Eye-Fi Explorer card and the camera shut down the recording after 40 seconds. The camera buffer had filled up and the card was not writing the data fast enough.

The modern camera

Sony NEX-5N

It is like a digital SLR camera but tiny. You'we got the same big 24x16mm sensor that catches a lot of light and can create photos with a short depth-of-field. And you'we got the interchangeable lenses. But you don't have the bulk.

My first SLR was a Nikon F90 (N90 for those of you who haven't gone metric yet) and I'we bought a fair amount of lenses and stuff over the years. I was about to upgrade my Nikon DSLR - an aging D70s - when I realized most of my stuff was outdated. I have always felt locked in by my original choice and now I had a great opportunity to switch.

Simply Apple

Apple vs Others

Two media players' remotes; on the left for an Apple TV and on the right for an Xtreamer SideWinder 2.

Although both players do very much the same thing, the difference in usability is enormous and well illustrated by the difference between the two remote controls.

In all fairness, the Xtreamer has more features but some are simply needed to make up for other shortcomings such as dedicated buttons for adjusting subtitles that are out of sync.

Saving Nokia

Nokia 3510

Nokia should drop both Symbian and MeeGo and instead adopt Windows Phone and Android. But with a twist.

Symbian has been outdated for years and MeeGo is going to be like trying to mix two operating systems together: a huge mess. Nokia should have bought Palm before HP did and used WebOS but they missed that boat. I am sure Nokia has tried hard to write a new, purpose built operating system from scratch but obviously they have failed.