The Danish Design Center

Japanese chairs and Norwegian products were in display this time in the Danish Design Center. The best part was the corridor in the cellar leading to the toilets (!) where industrial design highlights were on display - everything from the first Hoover vacuum cleaner and a NCR cash register from the 1880s to IBM's electric typewriter, the Barbie doll, the Nokia Communicator and the first iMac.


The little mermaid, the most Danish of icons, looks great on postcards but not in real life. Even more so, or should I say less, when the photo is taken with a camera phone, or at least the HTC universal. Overall, photos taken on cloudy days tend to be seriously over exposed. Switching the white balance setting from "auto" to "daylight" helps a bit.


Cold, rainy and as cloudy as it can be. Not ideal conditions for any camera phone. An even greater challenge is the frequent connection problems here in Malmö, Sweden - I have to try sending 3-4 times to get one e-mail away. I was expecting everything to go smoothly as I have a TeliaSonera Finland card in my phone and I am using Telia both here in Sweden and in Denmark. UMTS simply does not accept any connections and GPRS/GSM only after several resets and re-sendings.

Old fashion mobility

King + horse = mobility. A do prefer the modern way. The train connection between Copenhagen and Malmö is really convenient. My phone became confused though and kept saying "connection failed for unknown reason". A good old reset solved the problem.