Ocean Drive - Miami Beach

My view of Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, as I am blogging from a sidewalk cafe.

My first visit to the US since I switched to a tri-band phone. Works perfectly, no need to adjust any settings. And the hotel has WiFi - 50 USD for one week.

This vacation is starting out nicely.


Is it me getting bigger or are the seats getting smaller? At least my new laptop is too big to be used in an airplane. The old IBM X30 could still be used but this newer and bigger T43 just will not fit.

Since I am flying with Finnair, there is no in-flight WiFi either, not even on trans Atlantic flights like this one from Helsinki to Miami.

The thousand euro Communicator

It was a long time ago that tax free shops at airports where cheap, if they ever where. I know of people who still wait with their camera/camcorder/gadget shopping until they have a chance to shop at an airport but I think they are just trying to fool themselves and ease their conscience about spending, telling themselves that the airport shopping ritual has saved them money. Right now I am looking at a Nokia 9500 Communicator for 7799 Danish currency units, that is about 1040 euro and that is a lot. I paid less than 1000 when I bought it 15 months ago and I think you could save 30% by not buying at the airport today. If my memory serves me right, I have seen it for about 700 euros in an ordinary store in Finland - and that includes a 22% value added tax and the phone is of course of completely unlocked.

The Danish Design Center

Japanese chairs and Norwegian products were in display this time in the Danish Design Center. The best part was the corridor in the cellar leading to the toilets (!) where industrial design highlights were on display - everything from the first Hoover vacuum cleaner and a NCR cash register from the 1880s to IBM's electric typewriter, the Barbie doll, the Nokia Communicator and the first iMac.


The little mermaid, the most Danish of icons, looks great on postcards but not in real life. Even more so, or should I say less, when the photo is taken with a camera phone, or at least the HTC universal. Overall, photos taken on cloudy days tend to be seriously over exposed. Switching the white balance setting from "auto" to "daylight" helps a bit.