Old fashion mobility

King + horse = mobility. A do prefer the modern way. The train connection between Copenhagen and Malmö is really convenient. My phone became confused though and kept saying "connection failed for unknown reason". A good old reset solved the problem.


Travelling across the bridge over Öresund - linking Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden. The camera in the HTC Universal had trouble keeping up with the speed of the train. However, it was such a cloudy day that there was not much of a view anyway.

Default, Belkin & Linksys

There is an Ethernet connection in every room here at "Hotel Centrum" - not bad considering the room price and I wish more hotels would offer Ethernet in every room. On top of that, however, the neighbouring apartment buildings on the other side of the inner yard are filled with open WiFi stations with network names like: "default", "Linksys" and "Belkin".