The little mermaid, the most Danish of icons, looks great on postcards but not in real life. Even more so, or should I say less, when the photo is taken with a camera phone, or at least the HTC universal. Overall, photos taken on cloudy days tend to be seriously over exposed. Switching the white balance setting from "auto" to "daylight" helps a bit.


Cold, rainy and as cloudy as it can be. Not ideal conditions for any camera phone. An even greater challenge is the frequent connection problems here in Malmö, Sweden - I have to try sending 3-4 times to get one e-mail away. I was expecting everything to go smoothly as I have a TeliaSonera Finland card in my phone and I am using Telia both here in Sweden and in Denmark. UMTS simply does not accept any connections and GPRS/GSM only after several resets and re-sendings.

Old fashion mobility

King + horse = mobility. A do prefer the modern way. The train connection between Copenhagen and Malmö is really convenient. My phone became confused though and kept saying "connection failed for unknown reason". A good old reset solved the problem.


Travelling across the bridge over Öresund - linking Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden. The camera in the HTC Universal had trouble keeping up with the speed of the train. However, it was such a cloudy day that there was not much of a view anyway.