SAS has got WiFi on their intercontinental flights, but no sch luck yet on their Blue1 flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen. This blog entry will be posted once I am back on the ground and within reach of a traditional cell phone network.

I would not mind being 20 years younger and not having to wait for things like cell phones, wireless networks, digital cameras and so on, being invented.

I wonder if humanity has ever been in a situation like this, aware of the advances just behind the corner but not quite available yet. It covers everything from the convenience of digital photography to ever faster train connections, safer vehicles, less straining working conditions (think miners of factory workers before the advances of automation) and perhaps most importantly health care.

Sure, there is almost always progress but it used to be so slow it didn't make a difference during a lifetime. Still a hundred years ago, if you got ill, you probably did not think "if I just hold on a bit longer, perhaps scientists will find a cure" but today we do because we know they will find cures, better treatments for all kinds of things and a general advance in quality of life within years or decades - within a lifetime.


Un unidentified "building" next to the vocational school Practicum here in Helsinki. I had my GPS on my wrist when I took this photo. Too bad the GPS and my Qtek don't communicate with each other. I wonder if I could get the Qtek to include coordinats in the EXIF header if I had a Bluetooth enabled GPS.

Camera and phone interoperability

Sunset around 16.00 in the center of Tampere. The air is -20° C (-4° F) but the water is much warmer (no ice on the river) creating this impressive looking fog over the water. The photo is taken trough a window as I didn't have time to go out and get a proper picture, but I still like this image.

I tried to take the photo with the built in camera in my HTC Universal, but the conditions where too difficult with the sun shining straight into the camera. Fortunately I was able to borrow a Minolta Dimage F300 and snap this one shot. Since to Minolta uses a SD memory card, just like the HTC Universal, I could swap cards and copy this image to the phone. I did not upload this photo from the phone but I did upload another one exactly the same way so it is quite possible. Uploading a 1 MB photo over GPRS/UMTS takes a while but it works.


Snow on the inside of the buss door. Minus 20 C is unusually cold in Helsinki and causing minor problems such as delays in the public transportation.
But with a web browser in my pocket I can easily check Helsinki Public Transport's web site for live information about delays - although it means freezing my fingers off.

Serious geek toy

My Nokia 9500 is looking for a new home. I was worried about battery time and the Qtek 9000, but this is not SUV of PDAs I was expecting. My old iPaq drained the batteries much faster. Charging trough a standard mini-USB port instead of a proprietary thingie is a big plus - as is the normal 3.5mm headphone plug. The keyboard is also more or less as good as the one in the Nokia. It is not much of a phone, but it gets the job done.

This photo, from the room where I work, is surprisingly good. It doesn't come close to a real camera, but for a lens-less camera phone this is quite good.