Default, Belkin & Linksys

There is an Ethernet connection in every room here at "Hotel Centrum" - not bad considering the room price and I wish more hotels would offer Ethernet in every room. On top of that, however, the neighbouring apartment buildings on the other side of the inner yard are filled with open WiFi stations with network names like: "default", "Linksys" and "Belkin".


SAS has got WiFi on their intercontinental flights, but no sch luck yet on their Blue1 flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen. This blog entry will be posted once I am back on the ground and within reach of a traditional cell phone network.

I would not mind being 20 years younger and not having to wait for things like cell phones, wireless networks, digital cameras and so on, being invented.

I wonder if humanity has ever been in a situation like this, aware of the advances just behind the corner but not quite available yet. It covers everything from the convenience of digital photography to ever faster train connections, safer vehicles, less straining working conditions (think miners of factory workers before the advances of automation) and perhaps most importantly health care.

Sure, there is almost always progress but it used to be so slow it didn't make a difference during a lifetime. Still a hundred years ago, if you got ill, you probably did not think "if I just hold on a bit longer, perhaps scientists will find a cure" but today we do because we know they will find cures, better treatments for all kinds of things and a general advance in quality of life within years or decades - within a lifetime.