Game consoles - power and/or mobility?

What is the difference between a PC and a game console like the X-Box 360 these days?

Consoles used to be simple - you just pop the disc/cartridge in and it works. These days, there is not much difference anymore. Big desktop consoles are very much like big desktop computers and handheld consoles are quite similar to handheld computers/PDAs. Having two of each seems like such a waste of resources.

The limits of mobility

Ok, not really mobile technology related no matter how I try to put it, but still a funny photo taken with my camera phone.

[gmap |id=map |center=24.945831298828125, 60.18796390589544 |zoom=6 |width=480 |height=320 |align=None |control=Small |type=Satellite |points=24.995012283325195,60.22131587843068]

Blackberry spotted!

I actually spotted a Blackberry today. An American at the airport in Munich was thumbing away at one while waiting for a flight. First time I have ever seen one in real life. These mythical devices that people in GSM/GPRS deprived countries are rumoured to be using. A thumb-board instead of a keyboard and a very unimpressive LCD screen. But Americans really seem to be using them.

The joy of flying

First you cue to the self-service check-in automate. Then you cue to the check in desk to actually get a boarding card and not just an error message. Then you cue to the security check. Then you cue to the gate. And then, finally, you get to squeeze yourself into that tiny leather seat (yes, Lufthansa) and enjoy the in-flight chicken without moving your elboes.

The most misunderstood phone of all

I recently saw someone in middle management write a text message with a Nokia 9500 ... using the external numerical keyboard.

It turned out she didn't even like the phone, the phone she had been hoping to get was "the one with fabric". That's the Nokia 7200 "fashion phone" that was quickly discontinued. However, since she is manager, she got the "business phone" Nokia 9500 Communicator.

"It's so clunky!"

I have heard that one a lot about the Communicator since I started using one back in 1998. Few phones have been as misunderstood as the Communicator. And Nokia is certainly to blame for a lot of the confusion. All that "executive" and "business" branding meant the phone was marketed exactly to those least likely to even try to learn how to use it and most likely to end up whining about it being clunky.

I paid 1100 Euros for my Nokia 9500 and one gigabytes of memory a year ago. I bought it myself, as a private person, even after I tried prototype of the "less clunky" Communicator, the 9300.

I chose the 9500 simply because there is no other phone/PDA with a decent keyboard on the market, it is one of a kind.