...activated too many times...

"The Google Earth license key you entered has been activated too many times or on too many machines. Please contact Google Earth customer support for assistance."

And this after only six months of using it, I still have six more months before the license is supposed to expire.

I have been reinstalling Windows a lot lately as my new Dual Core desktop computer has been acting up and simply isn't stable. And whenever the desktop computer is down, I have been using my laptop.

I understand that software makers have to protect their products, but it really feels unpleasant when I pay for software and the copy protection feature prevents me from using it. Yes, I have been activating the software many times, but I am the only one who has been doing it and I have only used the software on one machine at a time.

The not-so-electrical train - part 2

So here I am again, this time in VR's InterCity nr 56 on Boxing Day, December 26, going South. Now there is electricity in the outlet, but VR has sold four of these "PC seats with electrical outlet" around a tiny table with just two outlets.

By the time I got on the train, both outlets where already in use.

I guess I won't be using my laptop all the way this time either.

And this table is a joke. It is about 30cm wide at its widest part. Try putting two big laptops opposite of each other on that. It can't be done.

Game consoles - power and/or mobility?

What is the difference between a PC and a game console like the X-Box 360 these days?

Consoles used to be simple - you just pop the disc/cartridge in and it works. These days, there is not much difference anymore. Big desktop consoles are very much like big desktop computers and handheld consoles are quite similar to handheld computers/PDAs. Having two of each seems like such a waste of resources.

The limits of mobility

Ok, not really mobile technology related no matter how I try to put it, but still a funny photo taken with my camera phone.

[gmap |id=map |center=24.945831298828125, 60.18796390589544 |zoom=6 |width=480 |height=320 |align=None |control=Small |type=Satellite |points=24.995012283325195,60.22131587843068]