phishing attempt

Only a few weeks ago, someone tried to trick Nordeas Swedish customers into giving up their codes trough a phishing attack. That time the Swedish in the e-mail was so poor that it made receivers suspicious.

It still made the news, also here in Finland as Nordea is a large Nordic bank and the biggest bank in Finland. I was a studio guest in the evening news at one tv-channel and discussed the event.

Give me back my folders!

Enough already with this tagging frenzy! Tagging is a poor substitute for hierarchical folders. Tagging is for people who don't organize. Tagging is a way to improve searching, and search is what you do when you have lost something. If you organize, you don't have to search. There is nothing wrong with tagging - but it is not a way to organize.

I like Flickr and I like Gmail, but they don't let me organize. Sure, I have tagged my 5500+ photos, but they are all floating around there without structure.

Hot air balloon

One of these dropped down in front of me while on a bicycle ride. I photographed it using my mobile phone and my GPS is telling me we are at N 60°14.702' and E 25°01.442'. I am starting to appreciate the fact that I always have a camera with me, even if it is somewhat lacking in quality.

Kernel panic in the bus

"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"

That is what it said on the TFT in the bus today. Having screens for the passengers in the bus, usually showing news and advertisements, is a new phenomenon here in Helsinki.

Yes, computers crash and this was not a critical component in our information society, so what is the big deal? Well, I still find it kind of funny being driven around town with a kernel panic in front of my face. Silly me.