Show me the gadgets!

Clothes, food, clothes, temples, clothes, museums, clothes, silk, clothes, parks, clothes...

Where are the gadgets? Ok, department stores here in Shanghai sell cellphones and cameras at about the same price as in scandinavia, but I still have not seen anyone selling any "gadgets". In particular, I have not seen anyone selling the Sony PSP.

"Size", and so on.

I like photography. I like to think I am good at it. And I like gadgets.

I used to have a compact (for its time) Canon S20 digital pocket camera with 3 megapixels. It was ok but gave me very little control over what I did - it was truly a point and click camera. Three years ago I decided to upgrade, but digital SLR-cameras where still expensive so I got myself a Minolta DiMage 7i that looked kind of like an SLR, i.e. bulky. It gave me much greater control over the picture taking process, but I still could not take pictures with a shallow depth-of-field. I wanted something like my old Nikon F90 - but digital.

Everyone's connected, all the time and everywhere.

Mobile blogging couldn't be easier. I just snap a photo with my cellphone, a Nokia 9500 communicator, create an e-mail, attach the photos, write the title and body message and select my blog from the address book - an address to trough whitch the image and the text of my e-mail is pushed into my private blog here at Then I press send and put my phone back into my pocket. Seconds later the blog-entry has appeared. My first entry once having arrived in China was done while I walked with my suitcase from the arrival hall to the buss.