iPhone 4 acquired

Waiting for the iPhone 4 in Helsinki, Finland

Finland was included in the second round of iPhone 4 releases on the 30th of July but there where only 55 phones available in all of Helsinki on launch day. Sonera - the iPhone operator in Finland - published a press release the day before the launch with information about where phones would be available at 7 in the morning the following day. There where 25 phones available at Sonera's own store and 10 each at three different Mac stores.

iPhone unlocked


I have now been an iPhone owner for two years. The phone is sold as operator locked here in Finland, but once the one or two year contract is up, the operator will unlock your phone if you ask. I called Sonera's customer support, explained what I wanted and the customer representative at the other end told me to wait 5 minutes and then sync the phone with iTunes using a non-Sonera SIM card. I did this and iTunes told med "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked."

The choice of word - congratulations - is kind of ironic. But now I have an officially unlocked iPhone 3G.

Sonera 3G vs Digita @450

Sonera 3G vs Digital @450

The other day I run Speedtest.net in the tram in central Helsinki using both the iPhones own Sonera 3G connection and the free WiFi connection that Helsinki Regional Transport offers in it's trams. The trams uses Digita's @450 Flash-OFMD network to get a connection to the outside world.

I ran the test several times and with 3G I got over 400 kbps downstream while the speed using @450 never exceeded 30 kbps, sometimes staying as low as 12 kbps. The upstream speed was also much better using 3G.