Sonera 3G vs Digita @450

Sonera 3G vs Digital @450

The other day I run in the tram in central Helsinki using both the iPhones own Sonera 3G connection and the free WiFi connection that Helsinki Regional Transport offers in it's trams. The trams uses Digita's @450 Flash-OFMD network to get a connection to the outside world.

I ran the test several times and with 3G I got over 400 kbps downstream while the speed using @450 never exceeded 30 kbps, sometimes staying as low as 12 kbps. The upstream speed was also much better using 3G.

MiFi - a portable 3G WiFi hotspot

Finally, WiFi in the train...

The Novatel Wireless MiFi is a small, battery powered device that creates a 3G data connection and a local WiFi field so that all your WiFi gadgets can get on the internet using that one 3G connection.

This is great if you are out and about where there is no WiFi and you have devices that can only connect to the net using WiFi. Now you have your own portable WiFi hotspot that will work everywhere there is 3G or even EDGE or GPRS coverage.

Club DVDnet - Netflix for Finland


I have been testing Club DVDnet for one month now - it's like Netflix but in Finland. You pay a fixed price per month and they send you two (plastic) DVDs per (snail) mail. Once you have watched the movies and returned them, they will send you two new ones. You need to keep a "wish list" with at least 15 movies in it and they will then pick two from that list whenever they send you movies. After one month I still have not gotten my top-options, only movies further down on the list.

Out with the Apple TV - In with the Asus O!Play HDP-R1


The name is not catchy, the box is plastic and the user interface is terrible.

But the Asus O!Play does one thing my Apple TV has never been able to do; it can access video files in different formats on my network attached hard disks (NAS) and display them on my TV.

I bought the Apple TV when it was first introduced and I'we gone trough all the versions from 1 to 3 but my Apple TV still does not do that one thing I expect it to do. I have also tried to install the XBMC media player among other things but it still comes up short.