The WiFi bathroom scale

Withings scale

The Withings WiFi bathroom scale may seem like a strange gadget and a far fetched use for WiFi but it makes sense. Withings offers its users a nice web interface for tracking measurements over time using fancy graphs - it measures weight and fat mass based on electrodes in the glass surface. As long as all users of the same scale have somewhat distinct characteristics, the scale automatically identifies its user.

...and there is also an iPhone application for accessing your data, complete with push notification.

Full circle: how the Canon S90 brought me back to aperture priority

Pasila railway station

Some 20 years ago I discovered photography using a just barely automatic Minolta XG-M that did not even have auto-focus. I quickly learned to use the camera in "aperture priority" (Av) -mode where I chose the desired aperture size and the camera calculated a shutter speed to go with it - and since I wanted sharp images and shallow depth of field, I always kept the camera on maximum aperture.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia today introduced a completely new product: a netbook, the "Nokia Booklet 3G". How did the world react? Nokia's share price fell.

Why? How is it possible that this announcement could backfire?


I believe there is disappointment that Nokia did not introduce this laptop with some revolutionary new mobile operating system, something that could compete with OSX / iPhone OS.

Nokia wanted to announce a new product but instead they announced that they have no alternative to Symbian, no secret weapon that can turn the company around.

No iPhone 3G S at Sonera

(No) iPhone 3GS at Sonera

New phone, new year and same old story.

Last year Sonera, the iPhone carrier here in Finland, got fewer iPhone 3G's than they had pre-orders and had to wait a month or two before supply caught up with demand.

This year Apple had learned from their mistake and did not try to launch the phone at the same day in every country, instead in some countries, such as Finland, the iPhone was launched a few weeks later than in the US.