Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia today introduced a completely new product: a netbook, the "Nokia Booklet 3G". How did the world react? Nokia's share price fell.

Why? How is it possible that this announcement could backfire?


I believe there is disappointment that Nokia did not introduce this laptop with some revolutionary new mobile operating system, something that could compete with OSX / iPhone OS.

Nokia wanted to announce a new product but instead they announced that they have no alternative to Symbian, no secret weapon that can turn the company around.

No iPhone 3G S at Sonera

(No) iPhone 3GS at Sonera

New phone, new year and same old story.

Last year Sonera, the iPhone carrier here in Finland, got fewer iPhone 3G's than they had pre-orders and had to wait a month or two before supply caught up with demand.

This year Apple had learned from their mistake and did not try to launch the phone at the same day in every country, instead in some countries, such as Finland, the iPhone was launched a few weeks later than in the US.

Nokia N97 - It's still Symbian

Nokia N97

When you hold the Nokia N97 in your hand and look at that new home screen, you get your hopes up. Then you press the home button and realize that underneath, it is just another outdated Symbian S60 phone.

I had the opportunity to test the N97 for a few hours today and despite some bright spots, I came away disappointed.

The camera is great and there is a shutter button right where you expect to find it, allowing you to use it like any normal point-and-shoot camera. Apple could learn from this. The new home screen allows you to add a few tiny widgets, displaying for example your latest Facebook status - a noticeable improvement that will breath new life into this and coming Nokia phones. The touch screen works, but Symbian S60 was simply not designed for finger based touch screen navigation so the experience is not enjoyable. A slide out Qwerty keyboard sounds great - I'm a long time Nokia communicator user and just love the keyboard in my Nokia E90 - but the N97 implementation is poor. They keyboard is no where near what you have in the Nokia E90 and not necessarily any better than a Blackberry/Nokia E71 -style mini-qwerty thumb board but it takes up much more space.

The screen is in theory great but the user interface doesn't make very good use of it - often the text is either big enough to be read from the other end of the room or microscopical to the point that it can hardly be read at all. The icons and buttons often feels way oversized besides being plain uggly. With Symbian devices having all kinds of screen resolutions and sizes, designing a user interface is quite challenging and so far the result is unimpressive.

Background notifications - another plus for Apple


Apple and the iPhone has been criticized for not allowing third applications to run in the background - Apples own applications can run in the background but not anyone else's.

The reasoning is that the iPhone experience would suffer since background applications would easily slow down the phone, eat trough your battery and - worst case scenario - make the entire system unstable and unreliable.