May 2009

May 2009

Nokia Ovi Store opened


Nokia opened their app store "Ovi Store" today. So far, every single piece of news I have seen about the Ovi Store has mentioned Apple - often even in the caption. There is absolutely no question who the leader is and who the challenger is.

The store is very slow now but that is to be expected with a launch like this.

Nokia playing down Ovi Store expectations?

Nokia Ovi Store

Mobile Entertainment just published an interview about Ovi Store with Niklas Savander who is head of Nokia Services. Ovi Store is Nokia's application store that will open this month (May 2009).

First of, Savander tells us that there are going to be 20.000 content items available at launch day. Wow, did he just say they are going to have 20.000 applications available for Nokia phones on launch day? No, he did not, he said content items, you know, like RSS feeds, ring tones, background pictures, icons...