February 2018

February 2018

Bluetooth Audio - the Codec Confusion

Screenshot of the aptX logo being displayed on an Android phone.There are many Bluetooth profiles and the one dealing with streaming music is called A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Handsfree headsets intended for phone calls might use the Headset (HSP) or Hands-Free (HFP) profiles but headphones intended for listening to music uses A2DP.

The A2DP profiles requires that all devices support the SBC codec (low-complexity subband codec) as a simple, fall-back codec to be used if nothing better is available.

Jabra Elite 65t vs QCY Q29 truly wireless earbuds

Photo of Jabra and QCY earbuds and charging cases.

The brand new Jabra Elite 65t are supposedly among the best truly wireless headphones/earbuds you can buy today and I paid €195 for them.

The Chinese QCY Q29 wireless earbuds are about as cheap as they get - I paid exactly €20 at Aliexpress.

Apart from the price, the difference between the two are surprisingly small. Let's compare.

Just looking at the retail boxes and opening them up might make you think the QCY headphones are the expensive ones.