"iPhone, that you are still waiting for."

"iPhone, that you are still waiting for."

iPhone, jota vielä odotat.

Front page, full page ad in Finland's largest newspaper advertising the iPhone 3G on Sunday the 13th of July - two days after it was launched ... and sold out.

The text says "iPhone, that you have been waiting for". It really should say "iPhone, that you are still waiting for".

On Monday (14th of July), I called different stores that Sonera (the operator selling the iPhone in Finland) listed as places selling the iPhone and none had any, they where all sold out.

Well, kind of. They do have phones, but their not for sale as they are reserved.

About a month ago when Jobs showed of the new iPhone, said it would cost a maximum of 200 dollars around the world and the launch date was set - Sonera, started a reservation list. The price in Finland was not published, but it seems many belived the price would actually be something like 125€ - not realizing that the price of the phone is just an arbitrary number as it is subsidized and the real price is made up trough large montly "subscription" fees. By the time the phone went on sale and these same persons realized it would end up costing something like 800€ and not offer unlimited data, many on the reservation list chose not to buy the phone - but they did not cancel their place on the list either. So now stores have phones that are reserved by people with no intention of buying one while those intent on buying have to walk out of stores empty handed.


unlimited data? in Finland?


The gang is keeping tightly those factors that will make iPhone failed.