No iPhone 3G S at Sonera

No iPhone 3G S at Sonera

(No) iPhone 3GS at Sonera

New phone, new year and same old story.

Last year Sonera, the iPhone carrier here in Finland, got fewer iPhone 3G's than they had pre-orders and had to wait a month or two before supply caught up with demand.

This year Apple had learned from their mistake and did not try to launch the phone at the same day in every country, instead in some countries, such as Finland, the iPhone was launched a few weeks later than in the US.

That did not make much of a difference. Sonera still did not have enough phones as launch to satisfy even the pre-orders. I pre ordered a 32GB black iPhone 3G S but there where not enough of them and I was told I would get one "a few weeks" after the start of sales here in Finland - probably by the end of August.

By then the next model is about 10 months away so I decided to start waiting for that one instead. My 16 GB 3G is good enough.

In fact, since Apple has made every new iPhone OS version available for all previous iPhone models, the old ones are not getting outdated anywhere as quickly as, say, a Nokia phone. My iPhone 3G keeps getting new features - not all the features that the new phone gets - but still plenty. Apple's business strategy is quite original: "keep old products up-to-date" and "make old customers happy". As a previous Nokia customer I am not used to this.