Free WiFi at the airport in Helsinki - Finally

Free WiFi at the airport in Helsinki - Finally

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport - Finland

The Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Finlands largest, has finally gotten free WiFi that covers the entire airport. About time.
A small cost for the aiport that will greatly improve how many travelers experience waiting for their flights. Finavia, the former Finnish Civil Aviation Administration, that runs the airport pays for the service so that it is free for its customers.

Now it's only another 10-20 years and we'll have WiFi on the actual flights as well...

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Or hopefully only 1-2 years to have WiFi on the flight.

Unfortunately it is only possible to use Aircell's "Gogo Inflight Internet" on airplanes flying over North America since Aircell makes use of special cell phone base stations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. So far, there are no suitable base stations anywhere else in the world and the system will not work when flying over the Atlantic.

Other, satellite based systems, are bigger, more expensive and more difficult to install.

Thanks for your information. I have found lots of free wifi hotstops throughout Helsinki, Finland. Hope this will help you.

Check it :-