Got iPad - what now?

Got iPad - what now?


I finally got my iPad - now I only have to figure out what to do with it.

Yes, it's great for surfing the web, reading books and magazines and for viewing photos and movies but what else?

Then again, perhaps that is enough.

I have just got a new iPad and am going to use it as a journalistic tool in the journalism course at the USC. It is brand new and beautiful and we are only getting to know each other, but it looks like iPad can be an useful buddy for a roving reporter.
Yes, I do love reading books and net pages on it. IPod surprisingly feels like a book in your hand.
But you can do much more. Pages Application is a word document tool with many templates. You can write a short report on the field and send it to the web page. Of course the touch keyboard is not as convenient to use as the computer keyboard, but it will do in a hurry. You can also get this amazing SoundNote application which allows you to record an interview, lecture or discussion and write notes simultaneously. By clicking your notes, the play-back will start at the time code where you wrote the note. For example, the interviewee talks about parental involvement at school, you write a note about that on SoundNote notepad while the interviewee is speaking and the application is recording. When you click on that note, you can hear the soundbite that was being recorded at the same time you wrote that note. SoundNote audio is not broadcast quality.
There are also simple picture edit applications for iPad. You can write a blog and attach photos and videos. You can upload your own photos and video. You can feed audio and audio edit with a multi-track application.
It probably will not be as comfortable and fast as with a computer. But there are times when the best equipment you have is the equipment at hand. And it's a lot of fun to see the quality of the story produced with iPad, and see whether I can resist the temptation to finish the work with a proper computer.