"Size", and so on.

"Size", and so on.

I like photography. I like to think I am good at it. And I like gadgets.

I used to have a compact (for its time) Canon S20 digital pocket camera with 3 megapixels. It was ok but gave me very little control over what I did - it was truly a point and click camera. Three years ago I decided to upgrade, but digital SLR-cameras where still expensive so I got myself a Minolta DiMage 7i that looked kind of like an SLR, i.e. bulky. It gave me much greater control over the picture taking process, but I still could not take pictures with a shallow depth-of-field. I wanted something like my old Nikon F90 - but digital.

So a month ago I got myself a Nikon D70s. This is certainly not a very mobile camera, it is heavy and it is bulky and I love it. It's great to have a camera in the cellphone because - although it is of poor quality - it's always in my belt. The D70s on the other hand is not a camera you bring along unless you have a good reason to. I was wondering whether or not I would actually be motivated enough to really drag it along everywhere when travelling and now I know: yes, I do drag it along. Photographying is suddenly fun again.

I have been looking at the new ultra-compact cameras with 5 megapixels or more and optical zoom and still smaller than a box of sigaretts. They are examples of outstanding engineering and they are truly mobile, but still I prefer to drag along my digital SLR when I know I will be taking photos, like on a trip.

Today the 1 GB memory card got filled up in 6 hours. Luckily I have my laptop with me and can empty the memory card by moving all photos to the laptop, but almost 300 photos in 6 hours is a lot of snapping. And 1 GB is also half of Flickr.com:s monthly uploading quota...