TEMPer USB thermometer

TEMPer USB thermometer

TEMPer USB thermometer

I now have a "server closet" where I keep my home server, terastation, switch, dsl modem, wifi station, ups and so on. In order to track the temperature inside the closet I ordered a "USB Thermometer" from usb.brando.com.hk. You just plug it into the USB port of a Windows computer and it will measure the ambient temperature.

The device arrived in an envelope within a few days together with a mini cd-r. That's right, not a factory made cd-rom but a normal burn-it-at-home cd-r with the software on it. And the software seems quite home made as well.

I read some review saying the device was "designed to be used in laboratories". Right.

You need two drivers to get it to work. First a USB-Serial -adapter and then a driver for the thermometer. It seems they use some old thermometer solution designed for serial-connection and simply put it on the same USB stick as a USB-to-Serial -adapter. But it works. And the temperature is very close to what my stand-alone thermometer says when placed nearby.

The software shows most of the captions in English and is capable of logging temperatures at different intervals - although only as a list on screen, not to a file. There is a "updata software" option in the software as well, but it is only a mailto: link to a suspicious looking address".

Not a great device but not very expensive either and it works. I just wish they had made logging to file available and used fewer colors in the user interface.

There are alternative programs available for this and similar devices:

All much better than the original one.

The file http://www.vansteenissoftware.nl/Delphi/TemperHumDll6.zip contains a virus. don't download - Trojan.Dropper.PGen

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No, it is certainly NOT a virus, but a 'false positive' of your antivirus software!
It might be reported as a false positive, because the files were compressed with an exe-compacter. You can send the file to the makers of the antivirus software and they will confirm that the files are 100% virus free!
By the way: soon a new version will appear with support for the newer Temper(hum) devices made by Pcsensor.

Does anyone know if thermoHID or UTAC will work with the TEMPer1K4? The thermoHID home page says it works with TEMPer1K2, but I'm guessing the 1K4 is a newer model.


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace Control_CTemp
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
int vid = 0xC45;
int pid = 0x7401;

IntPtr handle_USB;
byte[] readTemperCmd = new byte[] { 0, 1, 0x80, 0x33, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 };
byte[] writeDataCmd = new byte[] { 0, 1, 0x81, 0x55, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 };
ulong count = 0L;
byte[] r_temp = new byte[9];
bool b = false;
double Temp_usb;
double Temp_sonda;

handle_USB = RDing.OpenUSBDevice(vid, pid);

if (RDing.WriteUSB(handle_USB, readTemperCmd, readTemperCmd.Length, ref count))
b = RDing.ReadUSB(handle_USB, r_temp, r_temp.Length, ref count);
if (b && r_temp[1] == 0x80)
Temp_usb = (double)(r_temp[3]);
//The decimal places 4º byte if formated in 0-255 range !!!
Temp_usb = ((Temp_usb * 100) + (double)(r_temp[4] * 100 / 255) ) / 100;
Temp_sonda = (double)(r_temp[5]);
Temp_sonda = ((Temp_sonda * 100) + (double)(r_temp[6] * 100 / 255)) / 100;
Console.WriteLine("Temperatura USB: " + Temp_usb.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Temperatura sonda: " + Temp_sonda.ToString());



private static class RDing
public static extern IntPtr CloseUSBDevice(IntPtr deviceHandle);

public static extern uint GetErrorMsg(ref string[] lpErrorMsg, uint dwErrorMsgSize);

public static extern ushort GetInputLength(IntPtr deviceHandle);

public static extern ushort GetOutputLenght(IntPtr deviceHandle);

public static extern IntPtr OpenUSBDevice(int vid, int pid);

public static extern bool ReadUSB(IntPtr deviceHandle, byte[] buffer, int bytesCount, ref ulong numberOfBytesRead);

public static extern bool WriteUSB(IntPtr deviceHandle, byte[] buffer, int bytesCount, ref ulong numberOfBytesWritten);


May I know is that a schedule to release the new version "supporting up to eight of any TEMPer device"? Thanks